Depressing Anti-Depressants

A few years ago I seen mostly women on anti-depressants, now more men and yes children and teens.  Do we really want our youth on anti-depressants?  Do we want our youth listless, tired and unmotivated?  Don’t you think there is a better way!

Dr. Sigmund Freud said depression is anger turned inward. HMM food for thought and it makes sense.

Lets look at alternative ways, lets empower and inspire our youth, ourselves.  Lets stay strong, health, happy and confident.

Do you know that many times anti-depressants make our symptoms worse.  Did your doctor tell you that?

I was on anti-depressants, yep life can and did become overwhelming.  I was scared I was angry I was hurting, I was full of fear.  The solution from my doctor’s point of view anti-depressants.  I started them and I was told most women loose weight when on anti-depressant .Yay bonus I thought.  6 weeks later I went back to my Doctor I was not feeling any better and  I GAINED weight and I gained it fast.  Well let’s double the dose that’s what my Doctor said  and we did.  6 weeks later I went back I felt worse.  I was tired when I went to bed and tired when I got up all I wanted to do was sleep.  Well lets add one and DOUBLE THE DOSE OF THE FIRST.  OK I was willing. 6 weeks later I went back to the Doctor, I was not feeling any better.  I would walk from my kitchen to my living room and stand there I forgot why I went to the other room.  Well lets try a recipe of anti-depressants.  I left the Doctors office with three different prescriptions of anti-depressants.  3 different depressants 3 different doseage’s a RECIPE.  Can you imagine a recipe of anti-depressants.  I did not feel inspired I did not feel empowered.  I felt hopeless.  I went home with my recipe of anti-depressants, crying ,sad and lost.  By the time I got home anger had taken over, I looked at my pills and threw them in the garbage.  HAPPY PILLS THEY ARE NOT.

I was taking back  my life.  I researched, I read, I did cleanses I went to see a councillor, I went to an acupuncturist.  I wanted my life back.  I changed my diet, started eating organic food and eliminated refined sugars, and white flour from my diet and started exercising and going out in nature.

I see so many women who have been on anti-depressants for years.    Are the anti-depressants helping?  Do you feel any better?

Let’s inspire ourselves, let’s empower ourselves.  Lets take control of our lives and change it.  There are so many other ways, healthy positive ways to change our lives.  Our own fears, our overwhelming lives, our inner anger, our diet our health are all contributing to depression. There is a root cause to depression, you will find it.  You can change your life, there are other ways.

We have our children on anti-depressants, are we keeping them suppressed?  How many years will they be on these pills if they start in their teens?  20 years or more yes I’ve seen it.  Let’s change that.

There are alternate ways to better greater health.  Ways that will inspire and empower you.  Counselling, acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopath, energy workers, exercise, diet.  Let’s teach ourselves and our youth there are better ways.  Let’s inspire and empower ourselves to greater health.  To a greater better way to LIVE LIFE.

I have been off anti-depressants now for years and have no need or use for them.  I feel they are destructive and self defeating to healthy greater living.

There are better ways.  Empower yourself to a greater life.

With Love Linda

The dark years

COURAGE is going through a storm that lasts years and coming out of it better and not bitter

 STRENGTH is standing tall and proud when those that should have loved and supported you left you or maybe you pushed them away and you came out of it better and not bitter

TRUST is when you have gone through stuggle and strife and you didn’t stop believing in you and you came out of it better and not bitter

The dark years.  Have we all gone through them?  Those are the years when you wonder will I survive?  Will my life get better?  Why did I choose to live like this?  Why did I choose to go through this?  These are the years when you grow and expand at rates so fast you have no idea you are growing.  These are the years that are molding and shaping you, getting you ready to be better then you ever thought you could be.  The dark years are the years when one day you will look back and say “I’m a WINNER”.  Look what I went through, look what I endured durring the dark years.  I came through it better.  Look who I became.  Look who I am now.   Three years later my dark years are behind me, now I am able to understand WHY maybe not completely but I have a better understanding and realization of WHY I choose to go through the dark years.  I am better for the dark years they have made me who I am today.  I am proud of me I love me.  Thank you God, I doubted you at times but in my heart I knew you were with me every step of the way.

So if you are in the midst of the storm the dark years, just know trust that it is the way it is supposed to be for your own greatest good.  You will get through it. You will be OK.  You will come through it BETTER.  You will one day say “THANK YOU DARK YEARS YOU MADE ME WHO I AM TODAY”  I am BLESSED.

With Love Linda


Living from your HEART

When you are living from your HEART, doing what excites you, following that  excitement, following what makes you happy every moment that you can that is flowing where you are supposed to go.   LIVING FROM YOUR HEART.

Get on that wave of flow and just go. Go without expectations, without knowing. Go with TRUST.  That is living from your HEART.  When you follow your excitement and what makes you happy without expectations and with TRUST with honour and integrity you will be supported 100%.


Live from your HEART and you will always be fulfilled, rewarded and filled with love and happiness.

 Pain is the universes way of telling you there is a better way.  You are being guided, directed maybe pushed to look at something better something different.  Something where you will be rewarded,  fulfilled and supported with happiness with love.

When you are living from your HEART, doing what excites you, doing what makes you happy, following that excitement, following what makes you happy every moment that you can you will    FIND YOUR FLOW .  YOU WILL FLOW WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO GO.  YOU WILL BE LIVING FROM YOUR HEART.

with love Linda