Can you imagine the possibilities

We limit ourselves only by the confinements of our mind.  Can you imagine if we let go of all our beliefs, all of our definitions, and just allowed our mind to be free and open.

Nothing then is limited  Nothing then is impossible

Beyond our physical bodies of flesh and bone, we are ENERGY, frequencies, vibrations, light.  We are created from DIVINE ENERGY.  We are capable of far more then we allow our mind to conceive.

Can we visit with our loved ones who have crossed over?

Can we communicate/contact other civilizations other planets?

Can we enter/connect with other realms other dimensions?

Can we access past lives, future lives?

Can we self heal?

Can we blend with other energies, frequencies, vibrations?

I not only believe the above to be true, I KNOW IT TO BE TRUE.

We are limited only by he confinements of our mind.

Allow your mind to open to grow to keep Searching.  Enjoy and have fun with your spiritual growth.

With Love Linda

We never die we go HOME

I want to extend a great big THANK YOU to all of my clients, whom I feel so very blessed to have met.  My clients are wonderful, compassionate people that make what I do a great experience.  I can not call what I do as work, as it is something I feel blessed to do.  I have so many great stories from doing this service that I do. I would like to share one I did recently

I met with a lady today who I will call Shania, I had seen Shania once before.  Today during our session her late father, husband and mother came through from the other side.  Before Shania’s Father had passed she had helped him out alot.  Shania before her husband had passed had cared for him.  Shania had looked after and cared for her mother before she passed.  Never expecting anything in return doing it because of her love for them.   Shania had helped her mother adjust to the challenging transformation of leaving her home and going into a seniors centre.  Selflessly Shania had looked after and cared for all three of her loved ones before they crossed over.  Each one extended a THANK YOU from the other side for Shania’s Selfless acts of love.

The first time I had a session with Shania her mother was quite ill.  At that time I conveyed to Shania that her mother was going back and forth from this plane to the other side, visiting her late husband (Shania’s Dad).  I relayed a message to Shania that her mom was worried about leaving her.  Her beloved daughter who had cared for her and loved her dearly.  I told Shania that her dad was awaiting mom’s arrival home along with many other loved ones.  That evening after our session Shania went to see mom and told her  mother that it was OK to go and be with dad, that she would be fine and it was time for her to go.  That night Shania’s mother crossed over, knowing her daughter would be fine.  The strength it must have taken for Shania to selflessly let mom go, to tell her it was time and that she was going to be OK.

Shania shared with me that it made her healing process easier knowing mom was going to be with dad and the rest of her loved ones.  Also that she knew mom would visit her often.

During the first session with Shania her dad came through showing me a single birthday balloon he was holding.  At that time neither Shania or I understood why her dad was showing me this.  Today Shania told me that she had buried mom on her birthday.  That day of the funeral Shania remembered that birthday balloon dad was holding during our fist session, she knew it was  dad’s  way of letting Shania know that he was there and was watching over with LOVE.

Thank you Shania, for sharing your story with me and THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU.

I believe we never die we go HOME.  For us the crossing of a loved one is filled with sorrow.  We love them we want them to stay and be with us.  I believe that when they leave their physical bodies they are going HOME to be with loved ones who are their to greet them and to CELEBRATE  their arrival HOME.

I hope this story will help you to heal with peace knowing that our loved ones are HOME.

with love Linda