Abortion still a very touchy subject.  I wonder as I write this if because of the sensitivity around this subject that I should share this story.  This is about a session I had with a very special young lady who touched my heart.  I will say that I don’t  condone abortion but I don’t condemn it eithier.  I believe that many times we don’t see the GREATER picture after all we are only human .

Angie had an abortion when she was in high school.  She went one day after school scared and alone and terminated her pregnancy.  From that day on Angie changed. 

During our session Angies unborn child came through from the OTHER SIDE.  A boy I said Angie said yes.  I asked how she knew it was a boy.  How do you know the sex of of an aborted child?   Angie said she knew in her heart it was a boy, she believed it so deeply that she named her unborn child.   For many years Angie lived with terrible guilt and blame.  Her Son from the other side conveyed to me that he wanted his mother  to know that she did not murder him and that it was time that she forgave herself.   I asked Angie if that is what she felt she had done to her unborn child.  With tears in her eyes and her head hanging down she confirmed YES, she believed that she had murdered her son.  She was filled with grief, blame and guilt that she carried for many years. 

The next message that came through from the OTHER SIDE surprized me.  Her unborn Son conveyed to me that it was a choice they made together.  A choice made so Angie would grow and become a better person.  You see Angie was not a very nice person at that time, she was selfish, mean and spoiled.  After what she had done she vowed to change and CHANGE she did.  Her spoiled, selfish, mean ways were a thing of the past. 

The women I met with was kind, sweet, campassionate and selfless.  The women I met with was BEAUTIFUL inside and out.  I am grateful to have met this very special lady.   The experience Angie had as a high school girl changed who she was and who she became. 

” A CHOICE THEY MADE TOGETHER”.  A choice that I believe was made on a higher level.  A choice that was perhaps made by two spirits, two souls not two people.

You see we can judge, critisize and condenm but we don’t know the  GREATER PICTURE.  We don’t know how or where our path our journey will lead us in becoming the GREATEST WE CAN BE. 

With Love Linda


So many of us put expectations on the way we think our life has to be.  So many of us think that this is the only way this will happen or this will happen only if I do this.  We close ourselves off to so many other possibilities.  We limit ourselves, we put ourselves in a box.

We put to many expectations on ourselves and how we think our life should unfold.

Me for example I did not expect to have a career as a mefium. I mean really who does.  It`s not like I used to say “when I grow up I going to be a medium“. I wanted to own my own store.  From the time I first worked in a retail store that`s what I wanted to do.  I loved working in retail.  So I opened my store and I loved it.  Part of the store was doing READINGS, the store did well but the readings took off.  They took off beyond anything I ever expected, imagined or planned.  The store led me to where I was supposed to be and I just allowed life to unfold before me and I went with it.  I enjoyed the ride with no expectations I LET GO AND LET GOD.


Try this every morning say to yourself today I will put no expectations on my day.  I will just allow my life to unfold before me.



with love Linda