A person can be rich in so many ways.  As I sit and look around my yard the flowers vibrantly colored and beautiful, I feel the richness of nature.  The garden strong and flourishing, it seems to smile as the sun kisses it.  The birds perch happily in the trees as they sing a blessing for the day.  I feel the richness of nature.  6 pelicans high above in the sky so in sync with each other as the grandly and effortlessly soar through the air.  Butterfly’s lazily floating from flower to flower graceful and elegant there is richness in nature.  It is a miricle and a wonder to be surrounded in nature.  If you look deep within the rich pink throat of the oriental lily you will feel a special energy emerging from it.    The strength of the tree’s strong and wise rooted deep into mother earth.  What wisdom’s do they hold?  They will if you want  share their strength their wisdom ,you only have to ask.

I love my organic vegetable garden it supports me with abundance , but not only with the nutrious food it provides, but also with the richness of the energy that it shares with me.  It if filled with many wonders you just have to look deep within.  You will see it if you try.

Nature is always in a state of wonder and amazement.  To be connected with nature is a direct line to CREATION, DIVINE ENERGY/GOD.    Enjoy it, emerse yourself in it, watch it,  be part of it CHERISH IT.  Nature is strong, true and powerful.  Sink your feet into  MOTHER EARTH and FEEL how she grounds you,  FEEL how she connects you.  She will teach you. There is much that can be learned just by being in nature and watching her at play.

Many of the great spiritual teacher’s of today tell you to create a sacred space in your home.  A space just for you.  A space to meditate, to pray, to connect to reflect.  This is great advise. We should all have a space like this in our home.

I think we should create a space like this in nature.  It is so easy to be connected when in nature.  Create a sacred space in your yard, your balcony, your patio.  My husband has built us a pond with a waterfall that the fish love to play in.  We have planted flowers and tress around the pond.  We have a stature of Buddha gazing into the pond.  Birds bathe and drink from the pond and perch peacefully by the running water.  There is richness in nature.  It is relaxing it is meditative there is a deep strong connection within nature.  Our flower beds are filled with a variety of different flowers and are home to many wonderful elementals sacred and joyous.  There is much to be learned from the elementals of nature.

Create a sacred space in nature tune it to itConnect to it.  Reflect in it.  Be in wonder and amazement as you watch nature in play.  She will teach you if you allow yourself to learn from her.  Mother Nature in all her glory, strength and power holds many great wisdom’s many great truth’s.  Do not disconnect from nature.  Tune into it, connect to it and learn from it and always always RESPECT it.

With Love & Light Linda