no expectations just NOW

I would like to share something I have recently read that touched me.

Grace is like this.

It is only when, unguardedly, all expectations is left out of the picture, and all awareness falls on the now, that bliss, reverence and gratitude become the natural expressions of the heart.  It’s when there is no movement to even think of the future, nor any desire to re-experience the past, that all grace is here, all bliss is available, all reverence flows through .

In unguarded innocence, reverence is the natural expression of the heart.

Author unknown

Those words touched me, told me to look around at what is right NOW, not the past not the future just NOW.  All I have, all the beauty that surrounds us we just have to allow ourselves to see and be grateful for the everyday miracles that sometimes we forget to see right here right NOW. 

With Love and Light Linda



What is my purpose?  This is a question I believe most of us have contemplated at one time or another in our lives.  I have even met people who are plagued by this question.  What is my purpose?

Over the years I have been asked by many of my clients this same question.  What is my purpose?  No matter how many times I ask my guys,  my angels my divine group who teach me everyday, I receive the same answer.  Several different people ask me and I get the very same answer to the question what is my purpose?  We all have the same purpose.  Your purpose like mine, like your family, like your neighbor, like you co-workers like the people across the globe is this, TO BE HAPPY EVERY MOMENT OF EVERYDAY.  EVERY MOMENT OF EVERYDAY.  That is your purpose.

Can you imagine how your life would change if you are happy every moment of everyday.   Can you imagine if everybody fulfilled their purpose of being happy every moment of everyday.  The transformations, changes that would occur.  Be happy every moment you can.  Make changes in your life to find more happiness, love yourself more.  Be happy for others when good things come to them even if at this time they are not coming to you.  When you judge, criticize and condemn others remember it is you, you are judging.  Don’t become a victim.  Victims blame everyone else for their problems, their life, empower yourself to make positive changes in your life.  BE HAPPY EVERY MOMENT OF EVERYDAY.

If  each one of us fulfills our purpose of BEING HAPPY EVERY MOMENT OF EVERYDAY, our world changes, our planet changes everything shifts.  World leaders would change, political leaders would change, religious leaders would change, industrial leaders would change.  World powers would stop producing weapons of mass destruction.  Instead perhaps they would teach everyone to BE HAPPY EVERY MOMENT OF EVERYDAY.  Teach us to love each other as ONE ,  teach us that we are all equal. we are all the same, we are all love, we are all one.

If each and everyone of us fulfilled our purpose to be HAPPY EVERY MOMENT OF EVERYDAY wars would end, abuse/ violence would end.  Famine and suffering would end.  We would look at each other and know we are all the same we are all ONE.

BE HAPPY EVERY MOMENT OF EVERYDAY.  What would change in your life?  If each and everyone of us would fulfill our purpose to be happy every moment of everyday  we would change.  Our community would change, our country would change, our world would change, our planet would change.  What would be the end result?  PEACE AND LOVE. 

Lets fulfill our purpose to BE HAPPY EVERY MOMENT OF EVERYDAY and watch the transformations around us.

Let’s commit to fulfilling our purpose.  I believe each and everyone of us can make an effort to BE HAPPY EVERY MOMENT OF EVERYDAY, after all its our purpose.

With Love and Light Linda




Archangel Michael, the angel of PEACE, PROTECTION, SAFETY, CLARITY and my favorite MOVING FORWARD.  Anyone can work with  ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, all you have to  do is ask and he will come.  He will work with you, guide you and move you forward.

I have been blessed during two of my  coaching sessions to bring through a message from Archangel Michael  for two of my clients.  One was a beautiful lady full of passion and vibrance.  I a very special lady I have come to Love dearly. She as we all do has a past, but she is having  a bit of a challenging time moving past her past.  Her past has made her the  vibrant, passionate women she is today and she will learn to embrace and celebrate the amazing women that she is and to acknowledge her continuous growth.

Michaels message for her was ” it is not about who you were it is not about who you are.  It is about who you are becoming, it is about you coming home to the one” Archangel Michael.  For me this is about her recognizing the wonder of who she is and that she is always growing and realizing that she is part of the one. We are all part of the one we are the one.

My other client was an older gentleman, who carried much guilt and blame about his relationship with his children. His children are in their 40′s and to say the least is a strained relationship.   Again a man with a past, but as I say who doesn’t have a past.  This man is wise, brilliant and full of compassion and intelligence. His children still view him as he was over 20 years ago, and do not see or acknowledge this kind mans growth.  I came to have a deep respect for this man.   Archangel Michael came through with a message to clear his blame and guilt.

Michaels message for him was ” your children are not a product of who you were, your children are not a product of who you are.  Your children are not a product of who you are becoming.  Your children are a product of their own choosing”   Archangel Michael.  For me this message was for this man to understand and realize that his children’s lives are not the fault of him. His children’s lives are the way they are because that is what they have chosen it to be.

My deepest thanks goes to Archangel Michael, and my guides whom I lovingly term as my guys,  for bringing through their messages of guidance, clarity and love  to help my clients to MOVE FORWARD and embrace who they are  and who they are  becoming.  Isn’t it great to know that all around us are angels, guides, and beings of love & light watching over us.  Thank you to all of them.

with love & light Linda