Adult Bullying

I am compelled to write this because lately I have had many clients come to me who are suffering from adult bullying. I trust this will help those who are bullied.

BULLYING. It happens in all walks of life. Most of us think of children or teenagers when we hear of someone being bullied. Bullying happens to all ages. It’s very sad but very true.  I as a child was not bullied, at least not to the degree I was as an adult. Bullying hurts at any age. It happens in the work place, it happens in families and it happens in communities. For nine years, I lived in a small village in southern Saskatchewan where I was not accepted. I was talked about and I was treated badly and ganged up on.  Was it who I was? Was it how I looked? Was it that I was not born and raised in their special little village? Special it was not. Bullying takes its toll on your self esteem, it hurts deep into who you are. When you are bullied, you question who you are and you think there must be something wrong with YOU. If not, why would adults gang up on another adult and treat them so badly? Do we as adults not know better? Do we not realize that we are ALL EQUAL?  DO we not understand that we all come from the same thing… LOVE…That’s who we are that is what we come from.  We come from the same DIVINE ENERGY THAT MOST OF US CALL GOD.

Bullies at  any age are cowards, are themselves very insecure and often sad angry people. They are jealous and very limited in their thinking. Bullies see your light brighter than theirs.That is what threatens them. It threatens who they are. They treat you badly because your light shines brighter than theirs and they recognize that.

If you have been bullied, recognize in yourself a beautiful light that shines bright. Don’t take on other peoples’ beliefs that you are not worthy, YOU ARE WORTHY. Build yourself up and allow yourself to shine. Recognize yourself as a divine creation that is worthy of love and acceptance. Take the first step to love yourself more. Be kind to yourself and know that you are worth loving and that you have many gifts and talents. Don’t become a victim. Take your strength and move forward and don’t ever let anyone dim the light that shines within you that is you.

The following is a piece I did up for a client of mine during a spiritual coaching session.  My client struggles with her own self worth. This is what I call soul talk it is meant to be recorded in your own voice and be played back to yourself repeatedly to get you loving and appreciating yourself more, to own who you are and accept and love yourself more. This is for anyone who struggles with low self esteem and low self worth.   YOU ARE SPECIAL…

My kindness shows in everything I do. I am kind I am worthy

My heart grows because my warmth and love shines through in everything I do.

I am passionate about who I am, I am passionate, it shows in my generous ways.

I am lovable that’s  who I am…LOVE…I am love.

I trust in the kindness of who I am.

My humour brings love to me. I am worthy of Love.

I accept love into my life.

I love who I am…Strong, intelligent and compassionate.

I am worthy of accepting love. I am LOVE.

Love grows in all areas of my life.

I love my passion and enjoy being me, growing, changing and accepting who I truly am.

I will allow who I truly am to shine, to come forward more and more.

I am love. I am passionate, intelligent, genuine and sincere

I accept the wisdom of who I am.

I accept and allow myself to shine and to grow.

I will recognize the beauty and love of who I am.

I will allow myself to become who I truly am.

I am love and I love who I am.


with love and light Linda



Orbs….. I get asked about this often. Many people believe orbs to be ghostly, that definition never really set well with me. To me it just did not make sense. Orbs are beautiful spheres of LIGHT I have seen them often in pictures and with my naked eye. They are not scary they are beautiful. I have always believed them to be spirits, guides, celestial beings.

Last year when I was in Bocas Del Toro quading through the rainforest and beaches with my husband in the pouring rain, loving every minute of it, we stopped at a beautiful beach and just admired the grace of nature. We just basked in the beauty around us. When we got home and developed our pictures I had the biggest orb in that very spot we sat, the orb took up most of that 5X7 picture. It was incredible transparent sphere of iridescent colors.  It was a blessing to see.

Today I came across a very interesting definition of orbs, they were described as a  body of consciousness gathering information, that may be guides, spirits, celestial beings or E.T’s. A very interesting definition and one that really makes sense.

So the next time you see an orb don’t get scared, ask why it is there what it wants to learn or what it wants to know. It is possible to communicate with other realms other dimensions. All you have to do is ask and make a practice of doing it.

So often people put fear into the unknown, what if the unknown is there for us to learn and to gather information and knowledge.

Love and Light Linda