Hugs, how often do you HUG?  I love hugs, hugs are awesome.  Hugs are warm, comforting, gentle and just really really nice.  I hug my loved ones, I hug my friends, I hug my neighbors, I hug my clients.  People love getting hugged it feels nice, friendly comforting and guess what it is good for you.

Hugging leads to the release of love hormone called oxytocin, which combats feelings of loneliness, anger and anxiety.  A long hug results in an increase in Seratonin levels, which elevates your mood and makes you HAPPY.  Hugs are similar to meditation or even laughter.  Your mind stops thinking and you live in the moment.  WOW YAY for HUGS…..

A hug is universal medicine, it is how we handshake from the heart.     Hug today hug everyday.  Let’s handshake from the heart.  It is said that you should hug at least 12 times per day.  Start counting your hugs.  I get at least that many just from my wonderful hubby.

Start HUGGING more, Start HUGGING someone everydayIt makes you feel good it makes them feel good and it is GOOD for you.  HURRAY FOR HUGGING.  I am going to hug more, I think you should too.

Peace and Love Linda