Trust is a big thing. People tell us to just TRUST and I hear, “HOW CAN I TRUST?” What you don’t realize is that you are already trusting, you just have to recognize what it is you are TRUSTING IN. So often, we trust in the negative, the worst case scenario. We build stories on the worst case scenario. “OMG, this is bad then this bad thing will happen then this bad thing…” and on and on we go with the worst case scenario. We envelop ourselves in FEAR. Pretty soon we believe in the stories we create. We believe it so much that we get exactly what we BELIEVED. That is trusting in the negative. How about TRUSTING in the positive; the BEST case scenario? “OMG, this good thing is going to happen then this good thing then this good thing is going to happen.” Doesn’t that feel better? Then  we get to the point where we BELIEVE the good story we are building then what happens?  Yep, you got it. The best thing happened. Why? Because you BELEIVED it would. You FOCUSED on the positive.

We are always TRUSTING but just what are you trusting in, the positive or the negative, the worst case scenario or the best case scenario? The universe always supports us 100%. So start trusting in the positive and the best case scenario. Build your stories around that and the universe will still support you 100%. If you are still not getting what you want then there is a belief you are carrying that is keeping you from moving forward. When FEAR comes in, don’t ignore it don’t push it away, face it. Look at it and ask it what it is showing you. It is there for you to choose something else, to prefer something different.

The negative is there so you can look to the positive. Just like the dark is there to show you the light. Choose what you prefer and take the steps to get there. If you are stuck and feel like you are being held back, there is a belief in you that is keeping you there. Ask yourself what belief you are carrying that is keeping you where you are, keeping you from moving forward. Many people believe they just don’t deserve the good. Change that, find out where that belief took root and change it.

Many times what we believe in was not ours to begin with. It came from our families, our friends, society, co-workers, etc. It is not up to anyone else to change your life, it is up to you. You are the only one to change your life. Take the first step. YOU DESERVE IT. Move ahead and embrace life. Embrace and believe in the positive, believe you deserve the very best.

Peace and love Linda