Angels, guides, celestial beings, ascended masters, beings from other realms other dimensions, beings from other worlds other planets. There is more than just US, it is an arrogant mind a small mind that thinks we are the only ones. I believe we are in contact with all of the above at some point and some of us are all of the time.

I believe we all have guides with us from the day we are born. I also believe we have angels with us. Our divine group are always with us guiding us and watching over us on this journey to perfect our soul. That is what I believe this journey is about, learning and evolving to be the best that we can be to perfect our soul so that mankind will continue to evolve, to evolve in LOVE and to REMEMBER who we are and what we come from.  To remember that we are all one, that we are not separate from one another, not separate from THE DIVINE ENERGY.

When we remember who we are, our WORLD WILL CHANGE. Our world will evolve to LOVE ONE ANOTHER EQUALLY AND COMPLETELY TO KNOW THAT WE ARE ALL THE SAME. Our divine group, I believe it is part of their process also learning , growing, expanding and perfecting. To teach us to REMEMBER WHAT WE ALREADY KNOW.  

Can you imagine your guides with you constantly telling you, “YES WE ARE HERE, WHY WILL YOU NOT LISTEN TO US? WHY WILL YOU NOT ACKNOWLEDGE US?” Your guides are continually trying to GET YOUR ATTENTION. They want to connect with you, they want you to know they are with you on this journey. Our divine group is always guiding us and watching over us trying to keep us connected to the divine to know that we are not separate. I have developed a language with my guides, my group through symbols and feelings and I hear them. YES, I  HEAR VOICES IN MY HEAD, LOL. And yes, I listen to those voices.

I trust what I hear and I know that my divine group is always guiding, directing and teaching me. What a job they must have trying to get our attention. What patience they must have and the LOVE they must have for us to keep trying to make that CONNECTION. If you want to make that connection with your group, quiet your mind, slow down and listen. Ask who they are, ask if they have a name. MAKE THAT CONNECTION. If you get no answer or feeling keep trying and TRUST that you will make that connection, that you are connecting. It’s what they want.

I believe this journey is to PERFECT OUR SOUL and open up to the divine guidance that is part of all of us, part of who we are. Keep Learning, keep growing, keep expanding, keep searching and keep your mind open. Trust that we will evolve into what we are, PERFECTION.

With Love and Light, Linda