Change is about YOU

Change is up to you. I think most of us have been abused in some form, for that my deepest compassion. But changing your life is about YOU. YOU have to take the first step. YOU have to take action.

It is not about what they did to me or how they treated me. I said that for years, “Look at what they are doing to me. Look how they are mistreating me.” But you know what? It wasn’t about them. It was about me and how I viewed myself. Yes, most of my limiting beliefs came from them but I took those beliefs on as my own. I owned them; I believed those beliefs. What I did not know then was that those beliefs I had about myself kept me in a very unhealthy place in my life.

When it comes to family it can be difficult to set boundaries, to set lines that cannot be crossed even by family. We are taught that family is everything but that does not mean it gives them the right to abuse us. Many times our families are there as our teachers. They teach us what we don’t want to be. They show us that we can be different then they are, that we can be BETTER AND NOT BITTER. Families should be supportive, encouraging and loving. Sadly, many are not .

“I wish THEY would change.” I would say but it wasn’t about changing them it was about changing ME. I took the steps to change and not blame others.  I changed my beliefs, I changed how I viewed myself. I stopped blaming others and I stopped being angry at the ones who had hurt me. I FORGAVE. Forgiveness is empowerment. Transformation and change is about YOU. I took action toward change. I asked for guidance and direction to change my life and the teachers came. Teachers come in many forms: books, audios, people, art and creativity. These were all a huge part of my changing and growth. I read many self help books. Some of them were crap, some I took small things from and a couple of them even changed my life.

Today I continually work on ME, who I am and who I want to become. When you continually blame others, the anger will eat you up and you become a VICTIM. Being a victim will leave you powerless, bitter and angry. Don’t become a victim. Change does not happen overnight. It starts with the first step. It starts with action and with the intention of CHANGING MY LIFE. One of the first steps was to forgive those who hurt me. I forgave them for ME not for them, FOR ME. I did not want to end up how I viewed them. I viewed them as bitter, angry and unhappy. I wanted peace, love and happiness in my life. I have that and I work with progressing myself everyday and maintaining beliefs that serve me for my greatest good.

You have to believe you have the power to change and you have to believe you DESERVE a better life. If you don’t, your life won’t change. You have to want it, you have to take action to change and you have to believe you deserve. Take the steps to a better YOU, a more EMPOWERED YOU. When you empower yourself, you empower others and you radiate light and love. That comes from WITHIN. Take the first step. Take action, do it for YOU.


Peace and Love, Linda