When our loved ones cross over, first off I want to tell you that they have gone to a much better place then we are at.  Where they are is a place of PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. 

As a medium I am asked always 2 questions about when a loved one crosses. First question I am asked is “are they happy”? Second question is “are they with me”.

Are they happy?  ABSOLUTELY.  They are in a place of wonderful unconditional love.  So yes they are very happy.  Also they are not alone, they are with other loved ones who have crossed over.  They are together, all happy, all loving, and all loving us here on this side.

In my belief they are over there growing, expanding and perfecting their soul as we are still learning to do here.  PEREFECTING OUR SOUL .

Are they with us?  ABSOLUTELY.  We feel them, we sense them, they give us signs.  They are with us loving us, watching in on our lives.  One thing I must say is TRUST.  You know you feel them, you know you sense them.  Don’t try to talk yourself out of it, don’t let anyone else tell you ” no you don’t feel them it is your imagination”.  TRUST that they are with you and you are feeling their presense and you are feeling their closenes.

They are with us.  Our loved ones who have crossed over want us to know that they love us and cherish us and YES THEY ARE WITH US. 

With Love Linda