Signs from Spirit


There are many different signs from spirit. The ones I am going to list are the most common signs that I have learned from doing my sessions with spirit. Spirit shows us many signs. They want us to know that they are with us and always part of our lives even though they are not in this physical plane with us.

ENERGY - Energy is very easy for spirit to manipulate because they are energy; lights blinking on or off, fading bright to dim, TVs, computers and electronics being on when you know you have turned them off.

SCENT - A certain fragrance or smell that reminds you of a past loved one. It could be perfume, tobbaco or a favorite flower.

COINS OR BUTTONS - If you find coins or buttons in random places and often.

WHITE FEATHERS - If you are finding feathers in random places and often.

BIRDS/BUTTERFLIES/DRAGONFLIES - Spirit will send you a bird, butterfly or dragonfly and usually it is one that will come very close to you or land on you.

Don't limit yourself to these signs it is just that these are very common for spirit to work with. Spirit sends us signs often, some are very subtle some are very direct, very noticeable.

Whatever signs you are recieving, TRUST that spirit is there sending you a big HELLO and saying WE ARE WITH YOU.