Live Events

I am available for your event for $2000.00 plus mileage and all travel expenses. The booking will be a 2 hour show. All events are welcome to book me; fundraising, ladies groups, large family events, corporate events, etc. Please click here to reserve your booking.

Lets make a connection with those who have passed and those still here. I will be guided to receive messages where spirit takes me.

My intention is to close the gap from our world and HOME. Home is where I believe we all come from and we all return. There will be a question and answer period about what I do, how I do it and about the metaphysical world, spirituality and the afterlife.

Each event will have a meet and greet with Linda after the show.

*Please note: Not everybody in attendance is guaranteed a reading. General admission is unassigned seating.


What People Are Saying

It was a great evening and the only way it would have been a fantastic evening would have been a message from my loved ones lol. Guess they were busy elsewhere. I sent u an email Linda to make an appointment. Hope to see you soon. Blessings. - Monell

You are truly a Godsend. The life changing ways you and your gift touch people's lives is breathtaking to watch. Can't wait to sit front row at Casino Regina when you make it there and to read your first book There now it's out there, you have to now! - Lisa

Awesome...I am so thankful to have made the trip to see your show and to have actually recieved a message/reading from a past loved one ... I look forward to setting up a private reading .... Thank you for all that you do to help channel the messages to us from our loved ones that have crossed over !! Also, thank you to Laura and the staff at Habanos for arranging the show !!! - Patti

Thank you for deciding to share your gifts with a larger audience tonight at Habanos. I witnessed the healing that was occurring with women who finally got answers and a sense of peace from losing a loved one knowing they are ok.

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Carol wanted me to thank you for the messages from her deceased father. It will help her mother and children in their grieving process. You are a true healer and I am proud to call you a friend! Megweetch! Love yah Linda!

Thank you so much for the reading last night Linda at Habanos. Before I left my house to go to the show I put my dad's hanky and a picture of him in my purse and asked that he come through. I was so surprised when you asked if there was a "Carol" in the group but, at the same time, not really because I was pretty sure he would come through.

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Anyway, I will be sure to tell my family about the message and give my mom a kiss from him. It's so comforting to know that he still wants to take care of my mom even in the afterlife. I'd love to book a home reading with you and have about 15 of my family at it. I will email you to see what your schedule is like. Thanks again, Carol.

It was amazing, I was hoping that the Mother at our table would get a message and she did, I really think you help people more then anyone know, thank you. - Brandee